How to make a reservation?

  1. Choose your preferred restaurant.
  2. Press the button "Book Now!", select the date, time and how many people, and then press the "Search"
  3. If restaurant have an available table for you, please log in if you are already registered as our member or enter your personal data then press the "Continue" button.
  4. You will receive a reservation confirmation page, make sure that you enter the correct information, if correct press the "Book Now!".

How to cancel reservation?

  1. In the confirmation email that we sent to your email contained a link to cancel your reservation, please use the link to cancel your reservation, or
  2. You can go to the Accounts page, in the account page you will find a list of reservation, click the "Cancel" on the reservation you want to cancel.

Is it free?

Reservation through Kulinen.com if free.

Someone has been using my personal data, what should I do?

Send email to help@kulinen.com, with your personal data, our team we will do investigation and will send you once the investigation is completed.

Why can not I make a reservation?

There are many possibilities you can not make a reservation, some of the things that most often happens is that the restaurant does not have a place that according to what you want, you have a reservation at the same time in different places or you too many "no show" records.

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